Growing up in Camp Springs, Ky was a great experience for me. My parents were depression-era newlyweds, which, realize it or not, affected my artistic sensitivities.
I never lacked for the necessities, but on the other hand, did not have all that I thought I should have.

As the youngest of five sons, I was constantly reminded that I got MORE than my older brothers; however, in my opinion, I did not agree. Typically, the toys that were given to me and some that had to be begged for at the 5 & 10 store always needed, in my mind, creative modifications.

A Tonka dump truck (real rubber tires then) was converted into "Mike's Water Hauling" by adding a ceramic wine decanter that fit perfectly into the bed of the dump truck with the appropriate company name painted onto the side of my "water tank".  

It was this lack of having everything I wanted that stirred me to make more from less.

After attending private Catholic elementary and high school, I entered college and selected Business Administration as my major simply because this is the path my older brother chose. I quickly realized that debits & credits were not for me! After transfering to another university, I enrolled in art classes and immediately switched my major to Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and sculpture and a minor in art history. Things quickly fell into place. As a result of my training and education, I taught high school art and worked as a curatorial assistant at a major art institution.